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Top 10 Ways to Prepare for your TV MOUNTING Project! What do the experts say? - Tips from a professional for a successful installation.

Updated: Apr 5

Preparing for a professional to mount your TV can help ensure the process goes smoothly and efficiently. Here's a list of TIPS to help you get ready:


Number One: Clear the Area

Remove any furniture, decorations, or obstacles from the area where the TV will be mounted. This includes any shelves, pictures, or other items on the wall where the TV will go. Clearing the work area prior to your installation will help prevent bodily injury or damages to property. Mistakes are more likely to occur in a unnecessarily cluttered work area.

Number Two: Locate Power Outlet

Ensure there is a power outlet nearby where the TV will be mounted. If not, consider having one installed or discuss alternative power solutions with the professional. When mounting a tv having an outlet at least three feet(3ft) from the desired installation location is ideal. For all the obvious reasons, the closer the outlet the better. Having a sufficient power source nearby is necessary for powering all relative devices involved in your project. The nearby outlet is also essential for creative wire concealment solutions.

Number Three: Arrange Cables

Arrange all cords and cables you wish to include into your new television installation project. More often than not, longer audio and visual cables will be needed for wireless installation because the factory cables are usually too short. We recommend using at least a 12ft 4k in-wall rated hdmi cable as a common cord. If possible, gather all necessary cables (HDMI, power, etc.) and mark the location where the TV will be mounted so the installers knows where to pull your cables.

Number Four: Choose Mounting Location

Decide on the exact placement of the TV on the wall. Consider factors such as viewing angle, height, and distance from seating areas. Each room has different placement height recommendations but ultimately its up to personal preference, the equipment and room

style. The best tip is to use colored tape and a tape measure to get a visual of the tv placement. Using the tape measure, get the height of your television. Keep the tape measure open on the measured height of the tv, and hold it against the wall where you wanted to install the TV, then mark the top/bottom with the tape. Do the same with the width of the tv to see how wide on the wall the tv would look after installed. Mounting a TV "TOO HIGH" is considered mounting a tv at a height where you have to physically lift your chin in the slightest while sitting on your main couch. This may occur when installing over a fireplace. Mounting a TV "TOO LOW" would be considered as mounting a tv where the bottom is below 24" from the floor, which is the typical height of tv stand/decorative stand.

Number Five: Confirm Wall Material

Let the professional know the type of wall material (drywall, concrete, brick, etc.) so they can bring the appropriate tools and hardware for mounting. Installs can successfully be done on all wall types but test and identify wall material before inquiring. This is a very important detail for installers in way of their project preparations.

Number Six: Provide TV Mounting Bracket

If you've already purchased a mounting bracket, make sure it's available for the professional to use. If not, discuss options with them beforehand. We recommend only using top rated mounting brackets. We offer brackets with Kings Way installation services and affiliate links to top product recommendations.

Number Seven: Clear Instructions

If there are specific instructions or preferences you have for the TV mounting (e.g., tilt angle, swivel capabilities), communicate these clearly to the professional. Providing your installer with as many details as possible will help them deliver the best results. TV mounting is a fairly new concept in the home so don't be afraid to ask questions for clarity.

Number Eight: Secure Pets and Small Children

Small children and pets are usually very curious so if you have pets, ensure they are secured in another room during the installation to prevent any accidents or distractions. We love our children and fur babies and want to ensure their safety during installs.

Number Nine: Be Available

Be available during the scheduled installation time in case the professional has any questions or needs access to certain areas of your home. Installs performed without the individual who truly wanted the project done may result in unsatisfactory results. It happens because the visual expectations of a client can't always be clearly communicated to the installer through a less enthused third party. If you can't be available then leaving detailed notes about your project expectations is helpful.

Number Ten: Prepare Payment

Have the agreed-upon payment method ready for when the job is completed.

Whether it's cash, check or bitcoin, having your payment ready upon completion is always helpful to ensure smooth finalizing transactions.


By using these TIPS to prepare, you can help ensure a smooth and successful TV mounting experience with the professional.

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