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The information provided below should hopefully answer questions you may have and provide you with valuable insight to our offerings. We strive for excellence, and go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.  


Frequently asked questions.

What If I have the mount already? 


It’s okay if you’d like to use your own mount. Just make sure it’s the right mount for your project and that you have the necessary bracket pieces in order to use the mount.  


What kind of mount should I get?


A standard tilt mount is perfect if you plan on watching at your tv from a direct angle with no intention on moving the tv. Ideally in the bedroom. 


Full motion brackets are perfect for watching  your tv from multiple angles. They’re great for large rooms where you may want to change the direction of where the tv is angled. Full motion mounts recess off the wall and go left and right. This also allows you to access the back of the tv with ease.


Is the wall strong enough to hold my tv?


Our technicians always attempt to locate studs (wood or metal) to ensure the tv does not fall, sag or damage the walls. In the case there are few or no studs we use high strength toggle bolts to secure the tv.


Can you hide the wires? 


Wires can be concealed with white strips or concealed wirelessly. 


The white strips are an inch wide and can fit up to four cords in them. They are low profile and can be painted to match any wall color. 


Wireless concealment can be done with a “power bridge”  kit or you can have an electrical outlet installed and the cords lined through the walls. 


Cable, Coax cables are different . Wire concealment is more extensive. Cable providers tend to wire homes and leave a mess! It’s a good idea to contact your cable provider to see if you can upgrade to a wireless system or have it relocated to a more discreet place ahead of your install. Spectrum cable has the most wires with their set ups. Keep this in mind when planning to mount your televisions and connecting a cable box


Do you need help lifting the TV?


Typically our install technicians can install TVs up to 70” without assistance. If  a client is the condition to assist with lifting heavy televisions please do to prevent injury or damage. 


What should I do with my devices? 


We offer shelving if you’re thinking about saving space and need to set your devices on something. Certain devices can be concealed behind your tv (att cable boxes, apple tv, firesticks. 


How long does it take to install? 


Installs typically take 60-120 minutes per tv. This time depends on the project size per tv, including the wire concealment and added accessories.


Do I need to do anything to help?


Our clients can sit back and relax while we work. It does help to remove new TVs from the box and clear the space where the tv is going before our install technician arrives. 


What forms of payment do you accept?


We accept all major credit cards, checks, and cash. 

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