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About us

our story, inspiration and commitment 


The beginning of Kings way

a brief story of how it all started

In 2016 I lived next door to a guy who's name was Kevin and I would see him everyday. This guy would be hustling early in the morning, hopping into a box truck ready to get his day started. I noticed  his hustle and was very curious as to what he was involved in. Months passed by and this guy was still hustling but even harder then before, but this time he had two box trucks, and the second was bigger.

Eventually  around late 2016 we struck conversation and he introduced me to the moving company he had going and asked me to join, so I did.  For a couple we were all over the country servicing some of the craziest moves, having some of the most memorable interactions. In 2018 we hung it up because we decided to explore other industries as young entrepreneurs.

In 2019 we got back motivated to start another moving  company this time we named it Kings Way. Life hit once again and that came to a stop. 

The business was still active and Kevin suggested I start mounting tvs because he met a guy on Facebook Marketplace  who mounted tvs and thought it'd be a good idea to try.  So I did, but this time I was by myslef. Kevin was operating out of Florida and we had infrequent  conversation and lost touch a bit. 

All during this time I was working on building Kings Way. Kevin was dealing with personal matters and I wanted to get the company in a position to help him. 

Unfortunately our timelines weren't on the same trail...Summer 2020 I got the news one of my greatest friends had passed away. He was gone. Before we had the chance to reconnect and share our new stories and skills.

Kevin was like a mentor and brother to me. Without Kevin there probably wouldn't be a Kings Way. His spirit and love live on through his loved ones. And I keep the original name to remind myself of my late friend. We love you Kevin. Thank you!

Kings way original logo

Since 2018

This was our original logo. It was originally designed by Kevin to represent the mindset we both shared as young entrepreneurs and fathers. Striving to live better and be better, to represent ourselves like kings. And to now, the same concept but has been updated to suit Kings Way future goals.


Hello I'm Ellington


Hello I'm Ellington, the current owner and operator of Kings Way Home Services. Its been a wonderful journey servicing clients in the Northeast Ohio region. Over the past several years I've had the pleasure of meeting and helping so many great people. Taking calls and doing installs. The goal I have with each client is to leave them satisfied and with a smile. Also to introduce you all to the latest design concepts combining technology and interior decorating. I truly the enjoy the process of bringing a clients vision to life. Focusing on delivering the best results and providing high quality products for each project.

When I was young I loved doing anything constructive, sometimes it was destructive. I was a very eager child to build things from scratch and take things apart to learn how they worked. My family is full of very skilled carpenters that have taught me a variety of valuable handy skills throughout my years. As I mentioned in the memoir above, Kevin suggested tv mounting as the original service for Kings Way. Which I honestly had never thought about. Around 2016 I began new work and  I learned professional plumbing, which I did for nearly 4 years, and also where I learned a lot of skills I use to service my clients today.

I'm proud of how far Kings Way Home Services has come and I'm excited for the future! Everyday I am extremely grateful for each project, the wonderful clients and even  the consideration of my company. I sincerely thank all past, current, and future clients that chose Kings Way and I look forward to serving you!

From Kings Way home services:

Dear Future Clients,


This is a letter to you. Its a letter to express gratitude, and instill confidence and  trust in Kings Way Home Services. As a born/raised Clevelander hard work is emphasized and customer service is prioritized. Lets work together to enhance your space and bring your vision to life. We can transform your home or residential space into something very special. 

The services that our offered were always meant to be a way to help and serve people in some fashion. Remodeling a space has brought joy and relieved the stress of many clients. Kings Way Home Services will always be upfront and honest about professional recommendations. Sometimes there are good and bad ideas, but in the end, we find the best solution together.

So if you're updating, relocating or renovating be ensured that your in good hands with a reliable, respectable company that will always put you first. 


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